All About The Pianosa Chronicle

The Pianosa Chronicle began life in November 2012. The initial aim was to share ideas and opinions of the world around us. Several early entries were observations of local events and news stories. In later months bigger, more global issues, such as the Syrian conflict and corruption in politics, were also covered.

A series of interviews resulted in some very informative articles concerning South American politics and life in South Korea and Saudi Arabia, respectively. In October 2013, the site developed with the posting of an ambitious article about Monsanto, an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. With a lot of help from social network sites and several news agencies, the article has since been widely circulated.

It has been a joy writing and attempting to provide accurate and eye opening content since November 2012.  Recently we have encouraged readers to contribute to the site and write as guest writers. If anyone reading this would also like to contribute you are more than welcome to contact us.

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